The Story So Far

We set Bootcamp up because we were frustrated at how hard it was for young campaigners to learn what it takes to win campaigns that matter. 

We noticed that most campaigners didn't get training until they'd been working as campaigners for years, and even then a lot of the training wasn't what they needed. 

We thought there must be a better way, so we launched a pilot program in June 2013. We found 30 young people who had shown huge potential to be great campaigners. Then we found the best campaigners in the UK and got them to deliver one week of intensive training. It went very well - now the 30 Bootcamp Graduates are being supported for one year with mentoring and additional training. 


It went so well that Johnny and Tom took sabbaticals from their jobs to figure out if we could turn Bootcamp from a one off event into an organisation. It's gone amazingly well! In just over a year we've attracted lots of support, hired a staff team and won some funding!  

We need funding to keep on training a new generation of campaigners. So far we're delighted to have received generous support from these wonderful organisations: