What is Campaign Bootcamp?

If you're fired up about creating positive change and want to learn how to be an effective campaigner, then Campaign Bootcamp is for you. It is a year long training programme designed to give you the skills, community and confidence you need to run powerful campaigns.

The programme starts with a week-long residential training, which is followed by a year of mentoring, further training and community support.

Campaign Bootcamp isn’t like your average training. It’s a fun, immersive, interactive experience where you get to try everything you’re learning.

Applications for Bootcamp 8 are now closed. 

Bootcamp 8 will run from 2nd - 7th of October in an accessible venue east of London. The deadline for applications was 9am on 11th August 2016 (UK). 

You can no longer apply but if you fill in the form below you will be added to our mailing list and we'll let you know when applications open for 2017. 

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Watch this video to find out more about Bootcamp:

You’ll leave the course with a network of campaigners and trainers that you can tap into to supercharge your campaigns. Here’s what a few recent Bootcamp graduates said about the programme:

Who comes on Campaign Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is for anyone dreaming of building a fairer, greener and better world. To give you more of an idea here's a few recent graduates:

What will you learn?

We’ve designed the Bootcamp syllabus to give you the key skills you need to succeed. Over the year you’ll have the chance to develop your skills in these five areas:

Who trains at Campaign Bootcamp?

We spend lots of time finding fantastic campaigners who pass on what they know to you! They come from a range of fields and backgrounds and are all focussed on helping you run more effective campaigns.

We have different trainers for each bootcamp to keep the syllabus up to date, but here are some people who have trained for us in the past:

Costs and Scholarships

It costs £3000 to attend Bootcamp, which covers all the costs - all the money we receive goes back into making Bootcamp possible and as good as it can be; we don't make a profit. 

However, we know that most activists can't pay this and we therefore offer scholarships for those who can't afford the training.

There are two types of place at Bootcamp: 


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 14.26.01.png

If you work (paid or unpaid) for a large NGO (Oxfam, Greenpeace etc) your organisation will pay the full cost of your place (£3000).

Scholarship place




You pay what you can afford or you pay a reduced fee if you work for a small or medium-sized NGO which can contribute to the cost; the rest is covered by one of the following scholarships.