Bootcamp started as a one off event designed to shake up the campaign sector. Since then it's evolved into an organisation that runs regular campaign trainings for activists from all walks of life. Here's the team: 

The staff team

Bootcamp was set up by 6 campaigners who were frustrated that it was way too hard for campaigners to learn how to change the world. 

Our first Bootcamp was in June 2013. We found 30 brave people who had shown huge potential to be great campaigners. Then we found the best campaigners in the UK and got them to deliver one week of intensive training. It went very well - the 30 Bootcamp Graduates have been supported with mentoring and additional training. 

At the end of the Bootcamp the 30 graduates presented us with a giant cheque and challenged us to try and do another Bootcamp, so we did! Several Bootcamps later, we're approaching our 10th Bootcamp.

It's not just the UK! We're supporting campaigners around the world to use what we've learnt and build their own Bootcamps. The first Bootcamp outside the UK was in Germany in June 2014. 

None of this would have been possible without the financial and logistical support from our wonderful supporters: