This is the application page for our Bootcamp in March, the next one is in October. Click here to go to the right page. 

Apply to Campaign Bootcamp 2014 

What is Campaign Bootcamp?
It’s a year long course that starts on 9 March 2014 with an intensive five-day residential training delivered by the best campaigners around. Once the residential is done you get a year of support including 4 follow up training days, community support and mentoring from campaign experts.

When does Campaign Bootcamp start? 
The training residential is on the 9 -14 March

Where will the residential be?
Less than an hour outside London.

How do I apply? 
Applications are now closed. There will be many more Bootcamps in future. To find out when join our mailing list:

Who delivers the training? 

The best campaigners in the country. Last year we had trainers from Liberty, Shelter, 38 Degrees, Greenpeace, Oxfam,, No More Page 3, Blue State Digital, Engaging Networks, SumOfUs, Nonsense and Save The Children. This year will be even better

What does the training cover? 
Everything to create a winnable campaign. Developing campaign strategies, writing persuasive copy, designing and coding websites, applying tactics, building a community, media training and analysing the impact of your campaign - it’s all there and then some.

The sessions teach you the skills you need to execute a campaign, and we get you to apply what you’ve learnt to a campaign scenario throughout the week. On the last day you’ll be thrown into a real time campaign crisis scenario to put everything you’ve learnt to the test.

Campaign Bootcamp is hard work but lots of fun - just like a real campaign. You not only come away with the confidence to run a campaign but a network of campaigners who can support you. The full syllabus is online here.

How much does it cost?
We're a non profit that wants to build a stronger, fairer and more diverse campaigning sector. That means we operate a flexible pricing model that allows the most diverse range of people possible to attend.

The charges below include the five day residential training, board and lodging. They also include the year of support afterwards, including 4 additional training days, community support and mentoring!

  • Scholarships There are a limited number of scholarships available. You can apply for a scholarship in the application process.
  • Self funded £250 (for unwaged, those not in employment, those from community groups)
  • Staff from Small NGOs we'd love you to come and understand that your budgets are tight. Please do apply and we'll find a way to get you to attend.
  • Staff from large NGOs £2500.
  • Commercial groups there are a limited number of places for commercial groups. Please get in touch to talk about pricing. 

We've a travel fund to help cover the cost of those coming on Scholarship and Self funded places from anywhere in the UK.

How is Bootcamp funded?
Bootcamp is mainly funded by attendance fees but we're lucky to have two wonderful sponsors, Mailchimp and BlueStateDigital who help make it happen.


Who should apply?

If you are someone who gets fired up about injustice, who wants to organise and galvanise others or you’ve worked on campaigns but felt frustrated about not being able to do certain things then Bootcamp is for you.

We’re looking for 30 upcoming campaigners from across the UK, who are committed to progressive issues and passionate about positive social change. We're looking for people comfortable using social media to get the message out who want to use those skills on the issues that matter.

We especially encourage you to apply if you’re from communities that traditionally experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity; women; people with disabilities; and LGBTQI people. You don't have to be a graduate to apply.

The training runs from 9 -14 March, so it’s essential that you are available that week if you want to attend.

Should I apply?
If you want to learn how to run internet-speed campaigns, yes! Don’t trust us, here’s what the Campaign Bootcamp graduates from 2013 said:

“Do it! Without any other thought than what is needed to complete the application. It will be one of, if not, the most changing life event you will ever take part in.”
Campaign Bootcamp Graduate Susan Cook.

“Bootcamp will give you the skills, the inspiration but most importantly, the network which is going to support you in whatever you are doing… whether it's learning how to use Wordpress, or how to collect 28,000 signatures for your petition, Bootcamp is the place you'll find it”
Keshav Bhatt – Campaign Bootcamp Graduate.