Hurray, Bootcamp 5 starts today

After months of work I'm really excited that Campaign Bootcamp 5 starts today here in Ilkley. Over the next 5 days expert campaigners will come from across the country to pass on what they know to the lucky 35 bootcampers. 

Bootcamp is all about learning what it takes to win your campaign. We've carefully designed the programme to give graduates the skills, confidence and community they need to run more successful campaigns. 

This week is all about learning the key skills you need to win campaigns in the modern age. We'll start learning about strategy, tactics and how you build support for your campaign. Then we'll dive in to digital communication, learning how to code, how to build a website and how to send great campaign emails. Then we dive in to media day where we'll explore how you get the press interested in telling your side of the story. After that we learn about how you build a sustained campaign, exploring the difference between a campaign and a movement and then we finish focussing on how you can manage your mental health as you campaign. 

Phew, it's going to be an amazing week. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for the amazing trainers who are coming to join us this week. Here they are:

We'll be updating twitter with news on how the week is going - follow us @campaigncamp.

Applications will open soon for the next Bootcamp. Pop in your email below and we'll let you know as soon as applications open.