Why mental health matters to me

I’m Yas, I’m a Bootcamp 3 graduate and I want to chat to you about Bootcamp 4’s Mental Health scholarship, supported by the charity Mind. 

I’m predominantly a feminist and environmental campaigner, but that doesn’t matter. I’m writing this because mental health is something that affects all campaigners, and all people. This year Bootcamp are offering a Mental Health Scholarship that you, or someone you know, might be interested in. So please share it out on Facebook, Twitter, email, owl… however you can!

Mental health is super important because it affects us all. It’s the little things like making sure that whatever we’re working on, we look after our wellbeing. It’s the highs and lows of any journey, be that a campaign journey, or life in general. And it’s the scarier things, like sitting in the waiting room of the psychiatrist, or being told by your best friend that she’s in intensive care.

We need mental health campaigners, and that’s why I believe that this scholarship is hugely important.

We can’t take care of the world if we’re not taking care of ourselves and the people around us. So please do share this opportunity with anyone and everyone you think would be interested.

All you have to do to apply is fill in the application form - all the info is here: www.campaignbootcamp.org/apply or email hello@campaignbootcamp.org if you have any questions.