The Power Of Community

Friendship is the foundation upon which Bootcamp is built (and it's the part of our work of which I'm most proud). When we ran our very first training, it was just six friends wanting to pass on the gifts we'd been given. Today, the spirit of friendship and community is woven into every part of the Bootcamp experience. 

Our organising teams come together as much as friends as colleagues. At Bootcamp we eat together, we spend time reflecting on the day in our 'home groups', and we encourage each other when the going gets tough. After the residential week, Bootcamp alums support each other strategically, practically and emotionally in all sorts of ways. 

We've learned that the relationships forged at Bootcamp are going to be just as important as the coding, strategising and other skills folks learn. When we feel down or disconnected - as we inevitably will! - we believe that what keeps us going as change-makers are the connections we've built. 

So, if you're looking to belong to a community of support - in times of hope and despair, I hope you'll consider being part of our Bootcamp family. We'd love to have you! You can apply here: