How to write a great application for Campaign Bootcamp

Applications for Bootcamps 9 and 10 are now open! Not long left to apply though, the deadline is 9am Wednesday 15th March. Apply here.

I often get asked what we're looking for in a bootcamper. The short answer is someone who will get the most out of the training we offer! A longer answer would be someone with the following:

  • A clear understanding of what you think you will get out of Bootcamp and some idea of what you will do with this.

  • Some campaigning experience - campaigning means many different things to different people. But if you are working to change something in the world, at whatever scale, chances are you are doing some campaigning of some sort.

  • A basic understanding of how change happens within the context you campaign in.

  • Passion.

Having applied for Bootcamp 4, I know how stressful writing applications can be... particularly as someone with an anxiety disorder. But being able to write a great application doesn't necessarily a great campaigner make!

I want to make sure that the application process is as accessible and stress-free as possible. So to even the playing field a bit, I thought I'd share some tips as how to answer the questions we ask on the application form to the best effect. 

My Guide To The Application Form

For each question we have set a limit of 200 words for your answer and I really recommend trying to stick to writing around that number of words for each of your answers. We will be scoring each on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best answer. Find out what kind of answers we would score a 5 below!

1. What campaigning are you involved in now? 

The best answers would:

  • Give evidence that you have been involved in some campaigning.
  • Show understanding of the context you work in, be that political, social, corporate or other.
  • Tell us about what you have been involved in thus far - but we're not necessarily looking for the amount of experience you have (we're here to add value to people's campaigning journey, so don't shy away from being honest about where you're at!).
  • Say what you specifically worked on when campaigning, not just what your broader group or organisation worked on.

2. What are you hoping to gain from Bootcamp?

The best answers would:

  • Give clear examples of concrete things you want to gain
  • Show that you will be able to get these things from our syllabus and/or from the Bootcamp experience!

2. What motivates you to campaign?

The best answers would:

  • Show passion!
  • Demonstrate clear motivation - give us concrete examples that show knowledge of the issues you care about.
  • Show us that you have a sustained interest in campaigning .

4. What are you going to do with what you learn at Bootcamp?

The best answers would:

  • Give concrete examples of what you're planning to do after Bootcamp .
  • Explain which parts of the Bootcamp syllabus will help you most,

To sum up...

  • Be specific. Use concrete examples of things you have done/would like to do in your campaigning and how particular things from Bootcamp might help.

  • Be focused. Don’t just tell us you want to stop climate change, tell us what you think needs to be done to make that happen.

  • Tell us why you care and why you do the work you do.

  • Be clear and concise.

All the best with your application! If you have any questions about the application form or our selection criteria, please feel free to drop me an email on

Deadline to apply: 9am on Wednesday 15th March 2017