Stepping up our work to tackle inequality and injustice, thanks to the Stephen Lloyd Awards!

I've got really exciting news, last night we won the Stephen Lloyd Awards! This prestigious award will allow us to start testing an ambitious new programme to support marginalised communities across the UK to take action on issues that affect them. 

For the last six months we've been researching the state of the democracy in the UK. If I'm honest it's been a bit scary. The data we've found shows there is a wide and growing democracy gap in the UK. Politics and campaigning is excluding millions of people because they don't believe their voice will be heard.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us last night at the awards we're now able to start testing a way to close that democracy gap. From next month we're going to start testing a programme in some of the most marginalised communities in the UK. We'll deliver in-person and online training that will help people plan and launch campaigns that materially improve their community. The programme will start with a two day training programme and be followed by months of mentoring and support.

We're deeply honoured to have won the award. They were set up in memory of Stephen Lloyd who was an inspirational lawyer and innovator who dedicated his working life to advising charities and social enterprises. The Stephen Lloyd Award supports early stage projects that have real potential to achieve practical, sustainable social change. It's a huge honour to have received this award and to have been shortlisted against so many other amazing projects.  Special congratulations go to Canute, who also won an award. 

This is a brand new, and very innovative project. We'd love to keep you up to date on how it's going. Just pop in your details below and we'll send you emails as the project develops: 

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