Thank you for giving Bootcampers so much feedback

Bootcamp seven is winding down and I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent feedback to the Bootcampers as they sent their first campaign emails. They poured over the replies and learnt a lot.

You might have noticed that we had a little surprise last night. One of the things we teach at Bootcamp is the importance of working with partners -- so it was a beautiful surprise to discover halfway through the scenario that all six groups had decided to team up to form a coalition! It made us really proud to see six campaigns come together quickly! 

In a few hours the Bootcampers will head home and start putting all they've learnt into practice. If you fancy helping them out a bit more that would be amazing -- all of them are looking for mentors to help figure out how to make change happen. 

By signing up to be a mentor you commit to mentoring your Bootcamper for a year. Typically you'll meet them once every 3 months over skype or in person. If you've signed up to be a mentor in the past but are still keen please sign up again - so we know that you're keen to be a mentor to this new cohort. To sign up you just need to click the button below:

Bootcamp would be impossible without your support and encouragement. Thank you for all your support, feedback and encouragement. Together we're making a real difference. 
PS - I thought you might want to see some highlights from camp, here are some of my favourite pictures: