It's time for Bootcamp 7 - but there's one thing missing.....

Yay! It's time for another Campaign Bootcamp! Everyone has made it, the sun is shining and the sessions have started. Now we just need one thing -- lovely people like you to give feedback to the Bootcampers! 

If you have 2 hours or so this week could you  give feedback to the Bootcampers as they launch their first campaigns. To sign up just go here:


Campaign Bootcamp is here to give people the skills and experience to run more effective campaigns. We bring together amazing trainers to run great training sessions throughout the day, and then in the evenings the Bootcampers put what they've learnt into practise through a "scenario" based campaign. 

Your feedback to these campaigns crucial - it'll help the Bootcampers learn what they can do better, when they go out into the real world to run real campaigns on pressing issues. 

So please, if you have a few hours, sign up to the seed list today: