A new chapter in Tom's Bootcamp journey


Tom Baker, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer writes;

Back in September, Johnny and I took a step to go part-time from our jobs and see if we could make Bootcamp more than just a single event. 

We had two objectives. Run another Bootcamp and build the organisation. Six months later, I think we can proudly say that we’ve done both.

During that time I’ve been asking myself what are the things that really use my gifts, skills and experience. 

I’ve concluded that the things I love doing for Bootcamp are organising the programme, writing the scenario and sharing my thoughts and learning with the Bootcamp community.

If I search inside I know my heart doesn’t ‘sing’ at the thought of spending the next 2 years setting up financial systems, and organising the logistics for Bootcamps.

We’ve always taught at Bootcamp about the importance of doing what you’re passionate about, so with that in mind I’ve decided to move on from my role on the staff team at Campaign Bootcamp. It’s not been an easy decision to make, I’m so proud of what we’ve done with Bootcamp, and how we’re building a more effective campaigning community as a result. 

I’ve been offered a job as Head of Campaigns and Engagement at Bond, a big and daunting role, but one that fits smack in the middle of my personal Venn diagram for a great job, running campaigns, working to build coalitions and helping the anti-poverty sector campaign better. 

It means I’ll also be moving on from Tearfund, a cracking organisation, who’ve been brilliant at letting to pour my energy into Bootcamp over the last 6 months. 

I may be leaving the staff team, but I’m not leaving Bootcamp. I love Bootcamp and I’m determined to help is succeed. I’m just moving from working on Bootcamp on a day-to-day basis to being like many of the other trainers and organisers who are part of the family. 

Ready to support, encourage, share, collaborate, participate and much more with you all. I can’t wait to start that new chapter in my Bootcamp journey.