Bootcamp 3: The Shami Chakrabarti Scholarship

Shami Chakrabarti is Director of Liberty and a long term campaigner for civil rights.

As it stands, the people working to change the world are often not those most affected by the problems we’re facing. Positions of power are still dominantly held by those historically privileged by society - able bodied white men.

It’s not just the current cabinet; look at the senior leadership of our largest NGOs, civil society and even some more radical activist groups - they still tend to be dominated by the usual suspects. This lack of diversity in campaigning doesn’t only counter our values for a fairer society, it also hinders the effectiveness of the social movements we want to build as they continue to be limited to the knowledge and experience of a narrow group of people.

Campaign Bootcamp is committed to challenging this status quo by supporting and training people from historically oppressed and under-represented groups.

We want to see a campaigning community that is enriched, challenged and shaped by people from all backgrounds and not just those currently with privileged access to power.

That’s why we’re excited to offer the Shami Chakrabarti scholarship for a couple of the places at Bootcamp 3 for committed social change campaigners from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

We hope these scholarships will encourage talented social change makers who would otherwise not be able to finance a place at Campaign Bootcamp to apply and begin their journey to becoming kick-ass campaigners.  

Apply today for a scholarship place on Bootcamp. You simply tick a box to let us know you’re applying for a scholarship place. 

Who should we be talking to about the Shami Chakrabarti scholarship? Email us on if you know of any organisations we should contact.

If you know someone who would be great for Bootcamp and who could benefit from applying for a scholarship place, you could send them this blog or Tweet a link to it! Thank you!