Help us burst the 'M25 bubble'

A few weeks back, my Facebook wall was full of people telling me how they’d performed on ‘The North-o-Meter’. But with a week to go until applications close, it turns out that Bootcamp isn’t going to score very well on ‘The North-o-Meter’.

We’re still not getting enough applications for campaigners outside of the M25.

To put that right we’re going to do two things: 
1. Launch a travel fund to cover the costs of anyone coming to Bootcamp from anywhere in the UK.
2. Spend the next week reaching out to groups across the country asking for their help finding the next generation of campaigners.

The campaigning community is stronger when it’s diverse, and that means we want to ensure we’re getting applications from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

After a evaluating the first Bootcamp, we recognised too many of our applicants came from inside the M25, so we set ourselves a target of ensuring that at least a third of applications for the next Bootcamp came from outside London and the South East.

It’s not that we’ve got against the South, but we want to burst any ‘M25 bubble’ that might exist in the campaigning world.

Over the last fortnight, we’ve contacted over 700 organisations to let them know about Bootcamp, run targeted Facebook adverts and asked our contacts to help us out.

We’re committed to ensuring that Bootcamp is accessible to all up and coming campaigners who want to learn how to run internet-speed campaigns, we’ve got scholarship places and a travel fund to help cover the costs from anywhere in the UK.

So with a week to go, can you help us get out North-o-Meter score up?

Can you encourage campaigners outside the M25 to apply and introduce us to contact that can help us reach networks of great campaigners outside London.