I drank coffee with campaigning geniuses and learnt how to take on the bad guy

Bootcamp is:

  • 30 of the best young campaigners in the country,
  • Some of the most awesome campaigning organisations globally teaching you
  • Learning from ex-political advisers to Prime Ministers on how to win any argument
  • Being challenged and learning to think about strategy
  • Sitting down for coffee with people who hold entire governments to account
  • and most of all…

A community, a family of the most passionate dedicated people I have ever and perhaps may ever meet.

The list above are only some snippets, moments captured during the course of 5 incredible days with incredible people. Everything at Bootcamp is purposeful. Every word, every activity, every lesson is designed to elevate you to the next level.
And that’s what Campaign Bootcamp is all about.

Stop reading. Go apply.

Keshav Bhatt, Bootcamp Alumni (Class of 2013)

Applications for Campaign Bootcamp 2014 close on 20 December. Apply now.