I had a dream - making the world being a much better place.

Before I went to Bootcamp, I dreamt about influencing my student union. But there was also a part of me that dreamt about the world being a much better place. 

This is why I believe that Bootcamp is the best decision you will ever make. I don’t dream about influencing the student union access, now I’m making it happen. Bootcamp gave me the skills to  become the person who acts on her dreams. The person that stands up and works for change, by using the skillset that makes you one of a group of growing amazing campaigners.  

So if you have a dream to change then you should apply! Get taught to make your world of dreams a reality too! 

Susan, Bootcamp Class of 2013

Applications for Campaign Bootcamp 2014 close at 9am on 21 December. Apply now.