Making the recruitment process even better

Phew, we’ve finished the recruitment process for Bootcamp 2.

Very soon we’ll be sharing the Class of 2014 with you, but before that we wanted to share what we’ve learned from the recruitment process this time to ensure it even better next time.

1 - Being more explicit about the selection criteria we’re looking at applications against on the website. A number of you have said we weren’t as clear as we should have been on the application page on this. 

2 - Be more realistic about the timescale we’d feedback to applicants. We thought we’d be able to let everyone who hadn’t been successful before Christmas, but with 180 applications to work through and Christmas Eve fast approaching it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. 

3 - Ask fewer questions and give you word counts. We didn’t need to as many questions to get the information we needed, and we should have used word counts to help you provide us with the information that really mattered. We got some really long answers! 

4 - Made it clear about what the next steps in the application process would be. We knew we planned a follow up round of interviews, but we didn’t make that clear. 

We’re a new organisation, committed to learning from our mistakes, so if you applied (or didn’t apply) let us know your thoughts about the process and how we can make it even better next time.