Our next Bootcamp Community Meet-up - Winning at Community Organising

Hi Bootcamp Community,

I want to share with you the plans for the forthcoming Bootcamp Meet-up on the 12th July and also to get your advice!

Genevieve, Casper and I have been working together to plan how Campaign Bootcamp can best support the Community and offer follow-up training days and events that matter.

We also recognise there’s no better way to approach this challenge than asking the community itself. After Bootcamp 2, you all told Gen in what areas you would like further training after the residency. There were many topics mentioned, and the most common request was to have more training on community organising.

The next Bootcamp Meet-up will be on how to ace community organising

We’ve had a think about what we can do, and we also consulted some Bootcamper for whom community organising is their bread and butter (thanks for the input Kenners, Colin, Esmat and Lisa!). Consequently, our current thinking is a day that looks like this:

July 12th Proposed Timetable 

10:00: Registration and relaxed coffee/tea

10:30: Welcome, introduction and community check-in, new Bootcampers meet old Bootcampers!

11:45: Storytelling: hearing from community mobilising gurus, who will share their experience and expertise.  

12:45: Lunch

13:30: Skills: Key tools for successful organising - Facilitation Training (Guest Trainer)

15:30: Break

15:45: Storytelling: Real life case study of local mobilisation efforts that have worked!

16:30: Bootcamper Campaigns Surgery

17:30: Closing Check-out

18:00: Social event - cafe/pub/restaurant

Its not what you learn but how you learn. Sort of….

With all Bootcamp training we want to make sure that the way we learn is just as considered as the content that we learn. So you’ll see that the proposed timetable involves a mixture of sessions. We want to have sessions based around sharing of stories and real life campaign examples; sessions that are experiential and focused on skill development; and sessions that are relational where the Bootcamp community supports each other on up-coming campaigns.

If you’d like to have Bootcampers help think through your campaign strategy or offer new suggestions and tactics for a forthcoming campaign push, then get in touch with me.

We spoke to our offline mobilising Bootcampers about what skills are most useful to successfully engage with local communities. Whilst there are loads of things that we could focus on, we only have a couple of hours. So the consensus feedback was that facilitation training would be most useful.

We’d love your advice on who should deliver our facilitation skills training

Who can you recommend to run a 2 hour skills-development workshop on facilitation training. By facilitation training, in a local organising context, the focus we want is on how to run good group meetings, how to engage with people who may be very different from one another, and how to resolve conflict.

Answers on a post-card, a comment below or an email to james@campaignbootcamp.org

And if you think we’re missing trick, and should be focusing on another element of offline mobilising then please tell us too! We want to make sure we offering the best possible to service to the Bootcamp community, and you can keep us accountable to that mission.

Thanks Y’all