Preparing for Bootcamp 3 – Finding the right venue

We love to learn from everything we do and find ways to continuously improve upon the Bootcamp experience. My main task for the last couple of weeks has been to find the venue for the next Bootcamp in October. I thought I’d share what we’ve learnt so far and how this has guided our search for our latest venue.

The Bootcamp venue is critical to the success of the Bootcamp. It sets the tone, communicates the values and helps people learn and relax.

We’ve used some great places but still haven’t found the ideal venue yet. Right now we think that the ideal venue will have:

  • One big learning room, that allows people to learn in a spacious, natural and positive environment

  • Great AV equipment and Wi-fi

  • Comfortable sleeping spaces, with no more than two people in them

  • Tasty, ethically produced, healthy food for everyone

  • A relaxed and positive space

  • Great transport links to London (when we hold Bootcamps in the South East)

  • Outside space that we can expand into

  • Have full disabled access

  • Real tea and coffee facilities (not just instant!)

  • Flexible room set up, so we can move things around

  • A breakout room

  • Lockable rooms

Combine this list of requirements with a modest budget and it becomes a lot of fun searching for the perfect venue!

After having reviewed about 50 venues from DeVere hotels in Milton Keynes (only a 30min train from Euston!) to small Christian retreat centres in Kent that host non-faith organisations;we have found our next Bootcamp location.

We will be using Debden House, a beautiful historic complex on the fringes of Epping Forest run by Newham Council. We have the venue almost all to ourselves, acres and acres of green space and the perfect training rooms to put our new Bootcampers through their paces. Plus you can get to it on the Central Line from the centre of London in less than 30 minutes.

We look forward to welcoming Bootcampers, trainers and guests to Debden House in October!