Radio Sangharsh

Rachel writes about one of our pre-Bootcamp readings;
Forgive the whimsy I’m about to perpetrate here. You can think of campaigning like this:
Let’s say there’s a lady who owns a garden. All the weeding and maintenance is getting too much, so she’s thinking about concreting it all over to make a driveway and raise the value of her house. The insects in the garden get wind of this and decide to persuade her to think again. They send a message to the birds, who send a message to the cat, who steals a megaphone for them, deposits it in the garden and turns it on. When the lady is walking in the garden, they all shout at once through the megaphone - ‘DON’T KILL US! WE NEED YOU!’ 
I think you can imagine what happens next. Among the panic, screams and general hubbub, then the media interest and the wildlife experts being parachuted in, the lady can’t avoid the fact that she needs to preserve this garden.
So much of campaigning is about assembling and using these skills: creativity, organising, inspiring, bridge building and technical knowhow. But in all the stress of orchestrating this, you can forget that that the main aim is to amplify many tiny but important voices. Voices from ordinary lives at threat from much louder powers
What Greenpeace have done with Radio Sangharsh is a perfect example of all these skills and aims working together. Read and learn.