Susan Cook guest blog: Calling all disabled campaigners. Apply to Bootcamp 3!

Do you dream of changing the world or just of doing something to help people like you? Do you want the best and most accessible training available to do just that and find a supportive community for life?

Then apply to Campaign Bootcamp 3 today!

Last year I went on an incredible journey that took me from a crushed person with no idea where her future was heading to finishing the week with ideas I could take forward and ways to do it well! Once my journey grew into something that was inspiring people to take chances and grow into themselves, I wanted to help other disabled people like myself have that chance too. 

After one email asking for assistance, in true Campaign Bootcamp style, within minutes Scope stepped forward and offered to fund the scholarship places for disabled campaigners. Whilst I can not thank them enough for helping Campaign Bootcamp to realise my dream I need people like you to apply and realise your potential too! 


Whilst the folks that organise this incredible week have the resources for you to go without an application they won’t know who or where you are!

So, please, apply today and help continue my dream into a long-lasting and positive future! 

I look forward to seeing you at future meets and seeing the brilliant work you create along your journey!