We did it!

Three days ago we launched an appeal to raise funds for the mental health scholarship and now I haver some exciting news - we did it! 

Thanks to all your support the donations flooded in over the last few days, and yesterday we were able to confirm a second scholarship for a campaigner working on or with experience of mental health issues for Bootcamp 4.

Thank you so much to every single one of you who donated, shared the fundraiser and just generally gave us so much support to make this happen.Over the last few days you have shown what the power of this community can do.

It was every single donation - large, and small that collectively made sure we got there but I wanted to give a special shout out to Engaging Networks who helped tip us over the line yesterday. Thank you!

One of my favourite parts of seeing the donations flood in was reading the messages some of you wrote about why you wanted to donate. 1 in 4 of us will struggle with our mental health at some point in our lives and it was inspiring and heartwarming to read the reasons for donations. So thank you for that as well! 

Most of all it is clear that the 2 campaigners who will now come to Bootcamp on the mental health scholarships have a large and supportive community behind them. And we’ve all taken a big step forward together in making sure the stigma around talking about mental health is broken down in our own community.

So once more, on behalf of me, my family, and everyone who needs to see this change happen, thank you.