Why I'm donating £500 to train more disabled activists

Bootcamp was one of the most important moments of my life. Before Bootcamp I felt my life was going nowhere. My legs were failing. My wheelchair had become the only thing keeping me from being a recluse. Bootcamp changed everything - it has made me dream of a world accessible to all and it made me stay true to being me.  

I went to Bootcamp on a scholarship place because with my disability it was hard to decide where my pennies ought to go. I’ve just discovered that lots of disabled activists have applied for Bootcamp 2014, but there aren’t enough scholarship places for them.

So, I need your help. I’m starting a fund for disabled activists, so they too can go to Bootcamp. But I can only donate £500. Will you help me train a new generation of disabled activists by making a secure donation today?

Make a secure donation today

Too often disabled people are scared to stand up for what they believe because every day of our lives are hard enough. If it takes a mountain of effort just to get out of bed, some can feel that anything else is too much. However, it’s not as if they can change the world from their homes! I want to give others the chance to create something that feeds itself and to help them grow into the powerful campaigner they could be.

When I went to Bootcamp I’d only just spent 6 months in and out of hospital. I had been learning how to use my new wheelchair, because my legs were so painful that I couldn’t just walk somewhere anymore. Even though I’d been campaigning since I turned 14, I never imagined I would have a future as a campaigner. Bootcamp changed that.

Will you help me give a new generation of disabled activists the chance to help change the world? Will you make my ‘I’ become a ‘we’ and support my dream of helping many more disabled people get the start they need for an amazing future?

Make a secure donation today

Thank you
Susan Cook
Campaign Bootcamp class of 2013