We started developing Everyday Activism when demand for the Campaign Bootcamp residential training programme, grew dramatically in late 2015. Since then we’ve been doing lots of research, polling and testing and have found huge demand for local campaign training, along with a variety of barriers that stop people accessing what training already exists.We’ve carefully designed Everyday Activism to break down these barriers. Including what we include in the training, and the way we deliver the training.

The programme will cover:

  • Planning your campaign
  • Researching your campaign
  • Organising your campaign
  • Getting support for your campaign

We’ll deliver it in a variety of ways including:

  • 18-24 hours of in-person training
  • Campaign resources found both online and offline
  • 2-6 months of coaching and support for group members

The programme will be tested in in Yorkshire this year, working with around 12 campaign groups. Through this we’re hoping at least 400 people will have accessed a part of the training.

As part of this programme we’re eager to work with people who currently feel excluded from decisions made about their lives. At the moment we’re looking to support people who don’t or can’t access existing campaign training from these groups:

  • Refugees and migrants
  • Mental health service users
  • Working class parents

We are working closely with established groups to identify people who want to come on the programme as well as outreaching to communities.

We’re already seeing very high demand for this training. If you’re interested please fill in the form below and we’ll let you know when there’s availability.

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