Applications are now closed for Bootcamps 9 and 10.

  • Bootcamp 9 will take place from Sunday 7th May - Friday 12th May 2017 at Bore Place, Kent
  • Bootcamp 10 will take place from Monday 10th July - Saturday 15th July 2017 at Bore Place, Kent

Bootcamp is designed to give you the skills, community and confidence you need to run the campaigns you want.  

Bootcamp is a hands on learning environment. Packed full of workshops, great speakers, discussion groups and real life scenarios you'll learn what it takes to run thoughtful campaigns and find your place in the movement.

We value everyone. We don't believe in cookie cutter campaigners. We place an emphasis on learning to work together, being supportive and good to each other and embodying the values we're fighting for. We actively encourage and will provide support to people underrepresented or undervalued in the world of activism; that means working class people, people of colour, women, gender variant folk, LGBTQ people, disabled people, refugees and migrants, survivors, parents and carers. One of the ways we do this is through our scholarships.

Bootcamp is fun! We've all been on boring trainings -- so we've designed Bootcamp to be an energetic learning environment. Here's a quick video explaining it more detail:


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