You work for an NGO and are thinking of going to Bootcamp? Awesome! This page is designed to tell you everything you need to know to secure your place.

Key information 

Dates: Applications for Bootcamps in 2016 are now closed. The next Bootcamps will be in the spring, summer and autumn of 2017. 

What is Campaign Bootcamp? It's a year long accelerator course designed to give campaigners the skills, community and confidence they need to win. It's perfect  if you've been campaigning for a while and what to learn how to be more successful.

What do you learn at Bootcamp? Everything they need to win a campaign. The syllabus covers strategy, tactics, coding, design, fundraising, media, managing your mental health, email writing, social media and much more.

Sounds good, who teaches these sessions? Leading campaigners who are working at the cutting edge of campaigning, then we train them to deliver sessions that are experiential and participative. 

What does it cost? The full year programme costs £3200 per person. That covers everything -  the training, the residential, board, lodging, the follow up programme and mentorship.

Are there scholarships available? Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available for NGOs with a turnover under £400,000. If you're eligible for a scholarship we'll ask you to contribute £1600 if your turnover is £200k-£400k. If your turnover is under £200k we'll ask you to contribute £550. 

How do you apply? 

NGOs can now apply for their place for Bootcamp quickly and easily. The first step is to fill in the form below, then we'll get back in touch within 48 hours with availability and next steps:

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More information:

How does the year work? We've carefully designed Bootcamp to build skills, confidence and community. The programme has four parts:

  1. A 6 day residential starts the programme. It’s designed to give graduates the basic skills they need to succeed.

  2. Mentorship - a mentor who works with them to help them become a better campaign.

  3. Training days - there are follow up days spaced throughout the year, where graduates come together to share successes and failures and receive training that consolidates and extends their learning

  4. Community support - we’ve carefully curated the Bootcamp community to be a supportive space where graduates can ask questions, share successes and failures and cheer each other on.

Is this just another training? No, this is an intense accelerator course designed to give early stage campaigners a big boost. We’ve designed the course to be challenging, practical and inspirational whilst still being a fun and energising experience. We carefully evaluate and learn from every training we deliver to ensure we’re always getting better.

How do you apply? NGOs can now buy their place for Bootcamp quickly and easily. The first step is to fill in the form above and Johnny (our Director) will be back in touch with you.

Can I see a bit more how it works? Sure, here's a video we made:

What’s the age limit? Bootcamp is open to anyone over 18 years old.

Who else has sent someone on Bootcamp? The leading campaign groups in the UK send their staff to Bootcamp. Here's a few of them:

Does it work? Yes! We’ve all been on trainings that sounded amazing but weren’t quite up to the fancy marketing. We work hard to achieve to make Bootcamp the best campaign training around by doing rigorous measurement and evaluation to participants and their colleagues. Don’t just trust us, here’s some feedback from people who’ve sent their staff to Bootcamp:

We sent one of the team to Campaign Bootcamp to get five days of intensive campaigning training by experts at the top of their game. Anne returned inspired and full of skills she could apply in her campaigning. Campaign Bootcamp is sorely needed and we’re delighted to support it.
— Gemma Mortensen, Executive Director, Crisis Action
Bootcamp is so exciting because the people it trains will create ripples of change across the UK, bringing new skills and ambition to progressive groups throughout Britain. Change isn’t just about big ideas, it’s about passionate people with the skills and training to make it happen.
— — Matthew McGregor, Director Digital Rapid Response for Barack Obama’s 2012 election
“Rhiannon was always an enthusiastic and passionate campaigner. She went to Campaign Bootcamp and came back with the skills and tools to turn that passion into impactful, successful campaigns. Her writing of engaging campaign emails was transformed, her analysis of power and political opportunities significantly sharpened. And she didn’t stop talking about the inspiring time she’d had and the brilliant people she’d met for weeks. It makes me wish Campaign Bootcamp had been around when I was starting out in my career.”

— Lee Webster, Head of Policy and Influencing, Womankind Worldwide.

Will I enjoy? Yes! We get fantastic feedback from participants, here’s some of the latest feedback:

If you’re a campaigner, you want to be a campaigner, you like changing things, you want to change things, or... if you’d just like to be challenged, taught and energised by some of the best and brightest people in the third sector, or... if you have big ideas and need some skills... bootcamp is for you.
— Susannah Compton, Bootcamp Graduate
What ever change you want to see in the world from whatever starting point you’re at, Bootcamp will teach you new skills, open your mind and introduce you to some amazing people. Essentially, you’d be hard pushed to find something more worthwhile to do with a week.
— Rachel Kennerley, Bootcamp Graduate
It’s like Hogwarts for Campaigners
— A Bootcamp 3 graduate
“Bootcamp will give you the skills, the inspiration but most importantly, the network which is going to support you in whatever you are doing. So whether it’s learning how to use Wordpress, or how to collect 28,000 signatures for your petition, Bootcamp is the place you’ll find what you seek. Seriously, you get to learn from some of the most incredible campaigners out there, from the best organisations, for a whole 5 days - why wouldn’t you seize this opportunity?”

— Keshav Bhatt, Bootcamp Graduate 2013