Successful groups

Have you ever been part of a really good group or team?  What were the things that made this group work well, or made it work?

There’s no such thing as a perfect group, but there are some things that happen in nearly every group that succeeds. If your group works towards (or has) these things - you will be more likely to succeed and have a healthier time in the process



Everyone is working towards a clear and agreed goal that they believe in.

Could you explain what you want to achieve with your campaign to a stranger in 60 seconds?

Try asking everyone in the group to write down what they see the agreed goal to be, and then swap and compare your answers. The goal might change, that's ok, so long as everyone has the same understanding of what it is. 



Everyone knows their part in making the goal happen - there is a clear plan. People have a role to do that they can do, or a way to learn how to do it.

Can you describe your role and other people’s roles in the campaign clearly?

Would the others in the team say it the same way?



The group has a way to communicate that works for everyone involved, so people have the info they need, when they need it. They make time to share, hear and try to understand different ideas and perspectives. Communication about what they are doing is honest, appropriate and accurate.

  • How do you communicate in your group?

  • How do you communicate outside your group?

  • What could be done to improve?


Everyone knows how decisions are made, what’s going on and what they are expected to do in their role.

The group prevents confusion, people feeling lost, and brings the best out  of people, which helps people to stay committed and use their precious time and energy wisely.


Everyone feels trust with each other and a commitment to what you are doing. Everyone takes responsibility to get things done. The the group relies on each other and everyone is appreciated for what they do. 

How could you continue to build trust in your group?



People  are able to share ideas and concerns, disagree with each other, and make mistakes.

Activities and discussions happen at a time, in a place, and in a way that means everyone can take part. People have the chance to ask for help and offer helpful feedback. The group knows the work can be emotionally hard and people can “burn out”- people don’t put too much pressure on each other.

What are the ways your group will support people?


People feel “safe” enough to suggest unusual or daring ideas, and take risks on trying new things.  The team talks about which risks are worth taking.

Has your team said no to any new or risky ideas? How did you make that decision?

Does your group respond well to new ideas?

What risks do you think are too big to take?

communicate - bootcamp.jpg


The group handles difficult days and mistakes positively - growing stronger by  admitting, talking though and learning from mistakes. 

Everyone has a chance to say how things are going and to give suggestions as to how things might be done more efficiently or happily.

Achievements are celebrated together 

Has your team made any mistakes? How did you handle it?


Building a strong team takes time and some thought. Using the list below either alone, or with your group to try and work out your:

  1. Team Strengths: for example “we know a lot about the topic”.

  2. Team Challenges: for example “we argue a lot”, “we aren’t sure what to do”.

  3. Team Opportunities: for example “there is a training event coming up”, “someone in our team has a talent in” etc. 

  4. Team Threats: for example “we don’t have much time”.