Know your power

We all have power as people and as part of our communities, families and groups. Understanding our own power, and understanding the power others have, can help us to win our change!

People have all kinds of power and influence - sometimes we just don’t realise how much.


power over others

Because of who we are, we can often get people to do things. For example adults have the power to decide what their kids wear, bosses can decide what their workers do, politicians can decide who gets healthcare, houses, or visas, and people giving money to organisations can say what it can be spent on.


Power with others

We are all part of communities and groups.  Workers in a union can strike, parents can influence headteachers, people in a community can look out for each other and keep the place safe, people with friends at a club can ask them for help, and people can come together and vote, or have an influence in different ways.


Power to do things

We all have the power to decide what we do, how we spend our money and time, how we think, and what to participate in. We have the power, for example, to be nice to others, the power to refuse to spend money on something, and the power to do or not do what’s being asked of us.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”
— Alice Walker