Making a change is easier with others. There are many people who can help you to succeed. 

Winning a result is more often about working with people who do care, and inspiring people “who don’t know they care yet” than battling with an enemy or someone who strongly disagrees with you.

There are lots of different people, groups and authorities in the community who may want to support you. 

Choosing wisely who you spend your time on will help you to succeed fast without getting “battle tired”. 


People who are harmed by the problem and people who are already working hard on the issue.

There are people who have experience of the same problem as you, or who agree with you, and who are already working hard to make the same change. These could be people living with the problem, MPs, community groups or charities. They could be people you know, or people you are yet to meet

You can power your campaign by joining with other experienced people.


People who are affected, who care, but don’t know how to help

There are people who are “harmed” by the problem or agree with your campaign, but don’t know how to get involved. They have friends who can help too! These people and organisations can be found in your community, in the real world and online. 

Ask them to help! 



People who don’t know they care (Yet).

There are people who don’t know that they care yet - either because they haven’t themselves faced “the problem” or because they don’t know that other people are hurting. This could be anyone! 

Tell people why your campaign is important, how they can help, and that they are wanted and needed. They might support you.

People who generally disagree with you or who don’t care

There are people who will disagree with your campaign, or don’t have the same experience, but they don’t care enough to cause problems.

For now, it is probably easiest to “agree to disagree” and save energy. However, knowing what these people think can help your campaign. Use the internet to start finding out about other views.



Some people will disagree with you and argue against you strongly. They will not help you, and it could be  huge waste of time arguing with them, and worse still, by making them aware of your campaign, you could inspire them to act against you. 

Avoid combat with these people. This is an energy sucking group.


Who do you think might be affected by the same problem as you? List the people that might already be living this problem, be affected by it, or care about it and any ideas you have about how you might contact them.

Make a list of things people could do to help. Keep it simple. People say YES when the request seems do-able. Keep your ideas safe for people who might be currently “stuck in” or “affected by” the problem.