So far we’ve attracted funding from many organisations, including SumOfUs, 38 Degrees, Friends of the Earth, ActionAid, Save The Children, Christian Aid, Tearfund and CAFOD. But as we grow, we're always looking for more ways of raising money to help keep Bootcamp sustainable and unique. Get in touch if you think you could support Campaign Bootcamp financially or in kind. 

The sector supports us - financially and in our purpose. Here are just some of the kind words people have shared with us:

We sent one of the team to Campaign Bootcamp to get five days of intensive campaigning training by experts at the top of their game. Anne returned inspired and full of skills she could apply in her campaigning. Campaign Bootcamp is sorely needed and we’re delighted to support it.
— Gemma Mortensen, Executive Director, Crisis Action
Friends of the Earth’s participant at the first Campaign Bootcamp came back exhausted but energised, bursting with innovative ideas and an urgent desire to put them into practice in our campaigning. With public trust in political elites falling so low, the need to reinvigorate people power with new skills and tools has never been greater: Campaign Bootcamp can play a key role in doing just that.
— Paul Steedman, Senior Campaigner, Campaign Specialists Team, Friends of the Earth
Bootcamp is so exciting because the people it trains will create ripples of change across the UK, bringing new skills and ambition to progressive groups throughout Britain. Change isn’t just about big ideas, it’s about passionate people with the skills and training to make it happen.
— Matthew McGregor, Director Digital Rapid Response for Barack Obama’s 2012 election
One of the greatest constraints on the impact of campaigning organisations right now is the shortage of trained, experienced digital campaigners. This leaves us all scrambling for the same small talent pool. Campaign Bootcamp is a fantastic initiative to expand the talent pool and create a new generation of first rate campaigners. Having seen it in action, I’m convinced that scaling it up will have huge positive impacts for campaigning in the UK and beyond.
— Tim Dixon, Chief Political Strategist at Purpose
My team member Rhiannon was always an enthusiastic and passionate campaigner. She went to campaign bootcamp and came back with the skills and tools to turn that passion into impactful, successful campaigns. Her writing of engaging campaign emails was transformed, her analysis of power and political opportunities significantly sharpened. And she didn’t stop talking about the inspiring time she’d had and the brilliant people she’d met for weeks. It makes me wish Campaign Bootcamp had been around when I was starting out in my career!
— Lee Webster, Head of Policy and Influencing, Womankind Worldwide.
Bootcamp ensures that the future leaders of important social change movements are encouraged and nurtured with the skills, resources and networks they need. Previously this would be done within a large NGO with in house training and culture, but as we move away from hierarchical power structures and methods of influence to more decentralised and networked word, large NGOs no longer have the all relevant skills and culture to pass on. This is the gap that Bootcamp is filling. It brings the tradition of the past and updates it for the future and most
— Karina Brisby, EU Director of Core Collaboration, previously Director of Oxfam ShiftLabs
The UK urgently needs a new more diverse pipeline of campaigners who have the skills and the network to build a more equal and democratic country. Campaign Bootcamp can be that pipeline - it’s off to a great start and I can’t wait to see what it grows into
— Hannah Lownsbrough, Former Campaign Director, 38 Degrees
If you’re a campaigner, you want to be a campaigner, you like changing things, you want to change things, or... if you’d just like to be challenged, taught and energised by some of the best and brightest people in the third sector, or... if you have big ideas and need some skills... bootcamp is for you.
— Susannah Compton, Bootcamp 3
What ever change you want to see in the world from whatever starting point you’re at, Bootcamp will teach you new skills, open your mind and introduce you to some amazing people. Essentially, you’d be hard pushed to find something more worthwhile to do with a week.
— Rachel Kennerley, Bootcamp 3
Seize this opportunity - only good things will come of it! It’s one of the most fun, inspiring and empowering experiences I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy.
— Laurie Walmsley, Bootcamp 3