Terms and conditions of attending Campaign Bootcamp

We’ve designed these terms and conditions to be clear and accessible. By accepting a place on Campaign Bootcamp you are agreeing to follow the followig terms. If you have any questions do contact us

All payments must be made before you start camp

If you are paying towards the cost of your place you must make a full payment at least 7 days before you attend otherwise you will not be able to attend Campaign Bootcamp.

You must complete all four evaluation surveys which we send to you

We’re trying to build the best campaign training programme in the world. A key way we do that is to rigorously evaluate our work. By accepting your place on Campaign Bootcamp you agree to help us do that by committing to fill in all four evaluations. These will be sent to you before the residential starts, within a month of the residential ending, 6 months after the residential ending and 12 months after the residential ending.

You must attend the full 6 days of the residential

  1. If you are offered a place on Campaign Bootcamp you will receive an offer email with a link to an offer acceptance form.

  2. By submitting the offer acceptance form that is included in your offer email you are committing to attend the full 6 day residential in person unless there are serious unavoidable extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness. If you do leave the 6 day residential before the end your scholarship may be withdrawn and you may be asked to cover the costs of your place which may total up to £3,500.

  1. We are proud to offer a variety of scholarships, these are designed to keep Campaign Bootcamp accessible. All scholarships are offered subject to funder approval and in line with the agreed terms of funding agreements.

  2. To get funded approval we will share parts of your application with funders as per our privacy policy.

Scholarships are offered subject to funder approval

Travel must be booked in advance

If you request a travel bursary, you must book your travel to Bootcamp at least two weeks in advance of Bootcamp starting, and forward your booking confirmation to Bootcamp staff.  

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the 6 day residential at any point if we deem your behaviour to be unacceptable and/or to the detriment of the learning of the group. Bootcamp is a space that seeks to challenge sexism, classism, racism, colourism, xenophobia, islamophobia, disablism, homophobia and queerphobia, and transphobia.

You must help build an inclusive space