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We bring together the best trainers in the UK to create transformational training. We've had dozens of trainers including Shami Chakrabati (Director of Liberty), David Babbs (Director of 38 Degrees) and former Downing Street Advisor, Kirsty McNeill.

Bootcamp was set up by a group of 6 campaigners who were frustrated that it was way too hard for people to become great campaigners. We've designed the entire program to accelerate that journey. We've made great progress and are now supported by a wide range of groups including 38 Degrees, SumOfUs, ActionAid, Save The Children, The Roddick Foundation, Tearfund, CAFOD and we also receive donations from campaigners around the world. 


The training is experiential and practical. The Bootcamp class gets to use the best digital tools around including Blue State Digital and MailChimp in real time. Throughout the week we simulate a rapid-response campaign scenario. Using the real technology of political and social campaigns, the group works in teams to put their new skills into action in the context of rapid-response campaigning. This provides the perfect environment for learning to write persuasive email, analysing the best target for the campaign, designing and building a website, using social media to reach their chosen audience and practicing media engagement through role play interviews, panels and debates. This culminates in a 5 hour rapid-response finale, as we introduce new ‘events’ every hour that the teams have to respond to.  


We are diverse. We are striving to increase the representation of historically oppressed and under-represented groups in the campaigns. Trainers and campaigners come from a range of backgrounds, some have won campaigns against big targets already, and others are just starting their careers. The diversity of the participants’ experience, the small group size and the mentors available throughout the year create a supportive environment where mistakes can be made, and individuals can truly learn new skills and gain an in depth understanding of complex concepts.


This isn't just a training, it's a network, a mentorship program and a new circle of friends. After training, Campaign Bootcamp graduates become part of our global network of up and coming campaigners that share ideas, skills and support for each others’ campaigns. Most uniquely, graduates receive regular one on one mentoring with an experienced professional in the sector as well as top up training sessions for a year following the 6 day accelerator course.


It works! We've received great feedback, here's a wee bit of it:

“Rhiannon was always an enthusiastic and passionate campaigner. She went to campaign bootcamp and came back with the skills and tools to turn that passion into impactful, successful campaigns. Her writing of engaging campaign emails was transformed, her analysis of power and political opportunities significantly sharpened. And she didn't stop talking about the inspiring time she'd had and the brilliant people she’d met for weeks. It makes me wish Campaign Bootcamp had been around when I was starting out in my career.”
Lee Webster, Head of Policy and Influencing, Womankind Worldwide.

Bootcamp will give you the skills, the inspiration but most importantly, the network which is going to support you in whatever you are doing. So whether it's learning how to use Wordpress, or how to collect 28,000 signatures for your petition, Bootcamp is the place you'll find what you seek. Seriously, you get to learn from some of the most incredible campaigners out there, from the best organisations, for a whole 5 days - why wouldn't you seize this opportunity?”
Keshav Bhatt, Bootcamp Graduate 2013 and founder of Revolution Hive.


It's great value. The Bootcamp experience gives you the skills, experience and confidence to run campaigns that change the world. On top of that you get access to over 50 expert campaigners, one to one mentorship and 4 additional training days over 2014-2015. In total you'll get over 100 hours of campaigning training.